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What’s in a Name?” Table Football Across the World

A rose by any other name would smell as swee

Our love for Foosball might be just as intense as Juliet’s love for Romeo. The name of the game is Foosball, Fuzboll or Table Football. This amazing game has captivated the entire world, and therefore every corner of Earth calls it by a different name.

Footzy. Yes, you read it correctly. Footzy, as if this name alone didn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, is among one of the most common names.

Let’s take it to our French brethren, where they lovingly named it baby-foot and have been nurturing the past-time ever since.

In Chile, the game is known as Tacataca, it kind of makes you get on your feet and start dancing by just saying the name alone.
In Germany and Russia the game is most often called Kicker and In Italy Biliardino gets the job done.
The love in Brazil was just too much to only use one group of letters to describe Table Football, so they say Tot, Pebolim, or Fla-Flu (Fla-Flu is our personal favorite).

In Spain, the game is called Futbol (like Football but just a better way to say it).
In Argentina, table football is known as Metegol, not Megatron from The Transformers but the name is just as equally awesome.

In Peru, the game is known as Fulbito De Mesa, which makes perfect sense, since this is a little game on a table. In other Latin American countries, it is known as Canchitas or Futbolito.

In Iran, it is called Football Dasti. Or as we like to say “Football That’s IT!!!” because after this game there is no other that compares.
But no matter where the game is played, or who is playing. The soul of Table Football lives on in every game and in every culture around the world.

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