Legend natural wood table


– Designed for professional and intensive use
– Ideal for bars, restaurant, hotels, etc
– Classic wood color
– Coin machine operated
– Bars, goals and players in stainless steel
– Telescopic bars (doesn’t go through the whole table)
– Weight 94 Kgs insure perfect stability
– Available with long or round handles
– Painted by hand
– Gerflex playing surface (best surface in the foosball world)



The legend foosball table is the high-quality foosball table of the range: meticulous completion, 12,5 cm, high players, a foosball table that suits to competition sized. Feet fitted out with anti-skid pads to protect the ground. Marks drew field.

Inspired by the French style foostable, this solid beech wood table will bring any game room and bar to life. Its sturdy construction and attention to detail will please foosball enthusiasts and comes standard with aluminum die cast players on telescoping rods and a Gerflex playfield. Central ball return and scoreboards ensure fast play. Grips are rounded and ergonomically designed for comfort. For control,comfort, and style this table are the best quality of all our tables, designed especially for foosball professionals.

This is the perfect foosball table for high traffic areas such as bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Three colors : wood, white or black.
Coin machine
Laminated beech boards (better than massive wood because it resists to deformation)
Bars, goals and players are Stainless Steel.
Counterbalanced player figurines.
NEW : Aluminium players of 12,5 cm high for more resistance as time goes on
Lightweight rods.
Plastic (Bakelite) handles.
Side ball return.
Gerflex playing surface.

Dimensions and weight:
Length: 159cm
Width: 105cm
Height: 91cm
Playing surface: 125cm x 72cm
Bars diameter : 1.45cm
Weight : 94 kg

The players are equipped with a monobloc system at the screws to limit the wear due to intensive use

TooFoot tables come with long handles that can be replaced by round handles on demand.

Required space:
The dimensions below give enough room for elbows and breathing room. You will need a space of just 2m x 1.5m

11 balls (can choose soft or hard balls). Players are painted by hand.

Remove the dust from the table with a soft feather duster, clean with warm water with a few drops of soap in it, and dry it with a soft, dry towel.

Available with coin machine:
The coin machine is specially devised for 10 THB coins and can be deactivated easily.

The table is delivered disassembled (assembly time one hour with two people)