Kids Natural Wood Table


– Designed for kids
– Ideal size for up to 10 yo kids (81 cm high)
– Classic wood color
– No coin machine operated
– Bars in stainless steel
– Players and goals in plastic
– Full bars (no telescopic bars)
– Weight 17 Kgs
– Classic alloy playing surface



The magic of playground is coming into your children room. This children foosball table promises fun games.

Painted with the colours of Paris and Marseille, it’s a funny and decorative Foosball table which will perfectly suits to the room of a “little supporter”.

With a length of 119cm, 60cm width and 81cm height, it is especially made for kids.

These telescopic rods are safe and the structure is very solid and stable. You will enjoy great time playing an authentic game in total safety.

The Foosball table Paris-Marseille is delivered with 3 balls, and include 22 players and a plastic goals counter.

Kids tables characteristics:

Wood structure
Telescoping Rods: Ground steel with chrome plating.
Plastic Handles and Players
Playing surface in wood
Plastic goals counter

Size and weight
Length : 119 cm
Width : 60 cm
Height : 81 cm
Weight : 16.6 kg


Clean the playing surface with a vacuum cleaner. Take out the dirt with an adapted cleaner product put on a soft rag. Put oil on the telescoping rods from time to time in order to get better quality of play.