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Why is a foosball table perfect addition to your office?

When you look at the modern companies and their offices you will notice that their interior doesn’t look like an ordinary office. They have break rooms, free coffee, open concept and what is the most surprising, they have foosball tables. Now, I can assure you that they won’t be having all that if there aren’t any advantages. So, what are the advantages of that modern office design? How come that game tables are welcome to serious surrounding like an office? Through this article, I want to show you the advantages of having a foosball table in the office.

The perfect team – building tool


Foosball table is a great accessory for the office because it will make your employees hang out together during breaks. Just the fact that they are hanging out they will become closer. If you want to make them even closer, organize a team building in your office. Every two weeks choose one day, for example, Friday, and organize a small foosball tournament, right in the office. Divide your employees into teams and let the game begin. You can even make up some awards for the winning team! To make the atmosphere even better, grab some snacks and beverages for the tournament and your employees will be very happy they will talk about it for days.

Anti-stress therapy

I know that there are clients who can be demanding without any special cause and that can increase the stress level of anybody. If you are feeling too stressed out after a meeting with one of “those” customers, grab your nearest colleague and play foosball. A foosball is one of the best anti-stress therapies because you have to hit the ball, spin the rods, play the game, and during the match you will forget about that awful customer. Almost every foosball table is extremely durable so you can hit it, move it, or even shake it as much as you like and it won’t move. Now that is what I am talking about when you have too much negative energy.

Great break from work

There are some tasks that are more complex than others and those tasks can eat you alive. You have tried this solution and that solution and the problem is still here! If you really don’t know what else you can do, you have to look at the problem from another angle. Unfortunately, to look at the problem from another angle, you have to stop thinking about it and that is not that easy. Or is it? One of the most effective ways to do that is to play foosball. During your break, play 2-3 matches with your co-workers and you will feel relaxed. Another big advantage of foosball table – every match will last for a couple of minutes!

Foosball table and every other modern addition to your office will increase productivity at work. When the work atmosphere is good, people are satisfied which means that they will work better and they will make fewer mistakes. Sometimes you have to make something different to improve the work atmosphere so why not try with, for example, a foosball table?

Author’s bio:

Mark is a blogger and a foosball player who has combined his two passions in a foosball blog called Foosball Zone. Visit his blog to learn more about foosball on this link: http://www.foosballzone.com/sportcraft-foosball-table/

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