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How To Choose Between European Foosball Tables and American One?

As I am a traveler who is obsess with foosball since I’m young, I’ve decided to share with you my finding and observations between two types of soccer tables.

firstly, I will talk about the cultural difference between the two most known foosball tables around the world, European and American. These two tables are really different because of the cultural differences they both have advantages and weaknesses, I will try to explain in this article the main differences between those tables through my travel experience.

As Europeans mostly considered foosball as an authentic sport where they reckon there are techniques and skills at stake, they follow accurate rules and techniques which guarantee a fair play. In this way, a perfect match needs several conditions: a high-quality foosball table, a cork foosball ball and a good team

In some other countries, Foosball isn’t recognized as a real sport but more as a child’s game. This could explain the lower quality of the foosball tables.

However, as American considered foosball a genuine play for teenagers, children and to chill in bars. The techniques and fabrication of the foosball table are quite different because their meaning and uses are not the same.

So during my traveling experiences, I’ve noted that American people don’t play as Europeans do. Indeed, they are mainly played in the garden or any outdoor place. That’s why their foosball tables are generally built with a plastic structure to resist outdoor weather.

Nonetheless, this structure impacts the playing experience in many ways. First of all, the delicateness of the plastic structure forces us to play with a moderated strength, Contrary to the European which the quality of the structure is really important to be able to play the game to the fullest.



The main reason why European foosball tables are the ones that bring the better game for me is because of their composition in solid wood. It should be noted that this matter allows the best play experiences. Indeed, I think it’s important to play on a solid foosball table. That’s why the legs of the European tables are made in wood contrary unlike the American which are in plastic.

In supplement, the matter of the playing surface strongly affects all the skills and techniques during games. In America, tables are mainly made with plain plastic but this substance doesn’t allow to play with real techniques and skills. This surface is often slippery and could bother the players during the match. This is even a frustrating feeling to see how the cork ball just grips on the surface.

European Foosball tables are better concerning the coating of the playing surface. To bring the best control for the player, French foosball table’s playing surface are made with a “Gerflex©” coating. Nowadays it’s the best playing surface material in the world, it is strong, flexible, and grippy for better control and tricks. I remember the perfect slide feeling with this substance, with this coating I can put some powerful shots directly to the goal.

Other factors may be considered to have an authentic game experience: the players. You have to know that the substance of the players depends on the country. In America, there are generally built in plastic. They are made to be ergonomic and to have an ideal weight. One of their main advantages is that they provide good-weather resistance for both interior and exterior use.

However, the European Foosball’s trademark is the players in aluminum so much that European players swear only by these kind of players.

There is also a big difference in the player’s bars of the foosball tables. Indeed, on the American table, there are full bars, going through the table structure and it’s quite anesthetic and inconvenient. This is the contrary for the European which are with telescopic bars. So, it’s lighter and has better control for tricks and speed shooting. With those bars, you will take a real game pleasure and you will quickly improve your level!

From an esthetic point of view, the main difference is in the color. American tables are quite flashy contrary to the others which are in traditional colors like classic natural wood, modern black, or elegant white (perfect in villas and trendy places)

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