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BKK French Touch aims to provide your home or your business with the best quality football tables, made available in Asia. BKK French Touch proudly produces different styles of a table for all ages, occasions, and standards. We have both kid friendly and family fun tables for home based play and tables more suited for bars and for those reaching a professional standard! BKK French Touch introduces a variety of Foosball playing tables. Styles vary and are suitable for children, family fun, bar and leisure and finally for those of a professional playing standard! Every one of our staff member love football plays the game, knows the game… and has a table at home! We offer a personalized service to each customer and are glad to accompany you in the selection of the right football table for your needs.

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BKK French Touch introduces a variety of Foosball tables. Styles vary and are suitable for children, family fun, bar and leisure and for those of a professional playing standard!

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Legend Table

The legend foosball table is the high-quality foosball table of the range: meticulous completion, 12,5 cm, high players, a foosball table that suits to competition sized. Feet fitted out with anti-skid pads to protect the ground. Marks drew field. Inspired by the French style foostable, this solid beech wood table will bring any game room and bar to life. Its sturdy construction and attention to detail will please foosball enthusiasts and comes standard with aluminum die cast players on telescoping rods and a Gerflex playfield. Central ball return and scoreboards ensure fast play. Grips are rounded and ergonomically designed for comfort. For control,comfort, and style this table are the best quality of all our tables, designed especially for foosball professionals. This is the perfect foosball table for high traffic areas such as bars, hotels, and restaurants.
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Bar Table

Get in the game with a wonderful, beautiful and elegant foosball table. Inspired by the French style foosball table, this solid beech wood table will bring any game room to life. It is sturdy constructed and attention to detail will please foosball enthusiasts, and comes standard with aluminium players on telescoping rods and a linoleum play field. Central ball return and score boards ensure fast play. Grips are rounded and ergonomically designed for comfort. This is the perfect foosball table for high traffic are as such as bars, restaurants and hotels
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Family Table

Get in the game with a wonderful, beautiful and elegant foosball table. With traditional styling and durable construction, this table will add fun and character to any play room! The intensity levels will be high when using this Foosball Table. This family foosball table combines 4­inch box style legs and solid chrome rods to add longevity for lasting use. They feature metal and non­counter balanced players along with a linoleum surface which allows great ball control and pin shooting. If you prefer finesse over power, then the Family table is the table for you. Whether you are kicking it with your friends or family, this foosball table is perfect for all ages. Impress your guests at home with the Family Foosball Table.

What Our Clients Says

  • I would like to share my appreciation for the excellent soccer table you supply to our center. Our staff and students are having a fantastic time using the table. It has been a great engaging tool to build team work and students staff relationship. Your service was excellent and we highly recommend your company.
  • I was sure that would be a great idea and I was right. None our Thai staff ever played Table soccer until we got ours from Bkk French Touch. They are now totally addicted . It's so cool. Believe it or not, some of the guys are coming early morning just to practice..... A very good way to release the stress of the working hours by getting boys and girls together around the table and have tons of fun.
    Thierry Martino
  • I just bought a Toofoot foosball table from Bkk French Touch to put it in my house. I like to host my friends for dinner or party at my place and since I got this table, my friends are so keen to come to my place and have a drink, while playing foosball. Foosball table testimonial 5 They cannot find a foosball table in Bangkok and are very impress to be able to play in my house. This game is the perfect tool to entertain my guests and have a great time. More over, the table matches perfectly the style of my house and it looks amazing in the middle of my new ‘’games room’’ !
    Captain Kathayos George Chinnaponse
  • I am living in Bangkok for many years and have been looking for a nice baby-foot since then, I am very picky for the Baby-foot choice as I really wanted the same model that I have been playing with when I was young. My only alternative was to buy it in France and then pay for the freight and the customs, freight was high and the price of customs in Thailand was sounding more like a lottery with no insurance of the costs. At the end we bought a Baby Foot in central Chidlom but it was a total disaster : bad quality, young kids oriented, and ugly !!! The worst was the plastic balls that we had to play with : they were not even round !!!!!! I contacted Benjamin, he gave me a very nice service and the Baby Foot that I have is at 95 % the same that the one of my childhood, I really recommend it !
    Matthieu Frenet
  • “C’est un reve d’enfant que d’avoir ce babyfoot a la maison, ca amuse et occupe les petits comme les grands, les filles comme les garcons, qui est important dans ce monde d’electronique qui aujourd’hui amuse les gens seul…..Un bel objet pour remettre la famille autour de la table!”
    Thierry Vincent
  • "I purchased a Foosball table for family use from BKK French Touch in October 2015. I was out of Thailand in the U.S. at the time but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they made the purchase, e.g., accepting PayPal for a deposit and awaiting final payment upon delivery when I made it to Bkk. Delivery was no charge to our Condo in Bkk. I subsequently transported the table to our house in Loei where assembly was easy with their team even checking with me via Skype in case I had any difficulty. We are very pleased with the table, it is a high quality unit, and even more pleased with the service we received.  I just wished they also sold pinball machines 555."
    Tom Elkins
We are very glad to see our guest enjoying the game. The foosball table is simply fun for all!

Jean-Louis Barc

General Manager

Thomas Dazard

I bought this babyfoot from bkk French Touch for my restaurant le petit zinc and it was really a good choice. Many of our customers enjoy having a game before or after their meal and even out staff are now addicted to this social and fun games.
Best choice for everyone @ Playtime from foosball table from BKK French Touch. Everyone like it"

K. Topp

General Manager
'We bought a foosball table from ''BKK French Touch''. This has been a great tool to entertain customers during our events and a lot of foreigner gave us a very good feedback since they are looking for such ''French Style foosball tables'' in Bangkok and can't find them anywhere to play, which is a part of the process to be ‘’Original’’ compared to other bars. We went for the ''Elegant White Table'' which totally matches our resort style and add a ''French Touch'' to our resort classy atmosphere. Come anytime to Ocean Resort for a fun foosball game next to the swimming pool!’’

Franck delen

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